Jury Finds Parker Guilty


by Will Kennedy
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 CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC -- A jury finds ex-Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker guilty.

It took four hours for them to convict Parker on eight out of eight counts.

In the end, the evidence was overwhelming.

"Big" Sam Parker was accused misconduct in office, giving contraband to inmates, and embezzlement.

This trial focused on Parker's knowledge, or lack thereof, when it came to his care of county inmates, his penchant for arming people who were not deputies in his employ, and how he used certain county funds and equipment.

Parker repeatedly protested that he had done nothing wrong from the witness stand on Wednesday. Thursday night he apologized, and asked for mercy.

The proceedings went straight from the verdict to a sentence.

Parker was facing up to 15 years behind bars. Instead, he'll serve two years, then spend three years on probation.

"I will never be able to be a law enforcement officer again after today, and that's very, very devistating and heartbreaking, Your Honor," said Parker at his sentencing.

The trial lasted seven days. During that time jurors heard from 50 witnesses, including several of the inmates Parker gave special privileges to.

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