Jury Reviews Photos in Day Two of Kenan Gay Trial Deliberations


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC -- Friday is day three of jury deliberations in the Kenan Gay murder trial.  He's the former UNC football player accused of pushing a man to his death in Dilworth.  

Defense attorneys say he was trying to protect his girlfriend, now wife, from Robert Kingston's unwanted advances.  Jurors spent about six hours deliberating Thursday.  They also asked the judge to see pictures from the front of Ed's Tavern.

"You know, reading tea leaves is not wise for anybody to do," said defense attorney Sonya Pfeiffer.  "So, we just appreciate that they want to see some of the evidence.  That indicates that they take their job seriously.  That they want to review some of what they've heard to be sure about what they've seen.  But we're not gonna try to figure out why they ask for certain things and why they don't."

Jurors could convict Gay of second degree murder if they think he showed malice, or involuntary manslaughter if they think Gay was negligent but not malicious.  Or they could find him not guilty.

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