Kenan Gay Testifies in Murder Trial


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC --  The former UNC football player accused of pushing a man to his death outside a Dilworth bar will be back on the witness stand Tuesday morning.  Kenan Gay's voice shook and he sounded nervous at times as he testified Monday afternoon.  He got emotional talking about his girlfriend--now his wife.  

His defense attorney, David Rudolf, asked, "Did you fall in love with her?"  He replied, "I did."  Gay was also asked, "Have you ever been in a fight in your entire life?"  To which he responded, "Never."

Gay claims he was trying to protect his girlfriend from unwanted advances by Robert Kingston at Ed's Tavern in 2012.  Both men had been drinking that night.

"They're gonna have to weigh how much people had to drink and how it affected their perceptions," said Rudolf.  "Different people had different amounts to drink.  So I think that will be a part of the jury's consideration."

After Gay's testimony tomorrow, the jury will visit Ed's Tavern to get a close-up look at the scene.  The judge still has to decide if they will visit during the day or at night.

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