Legal Expert: More Warrants and More Charges Possible in Cannon Case


by Christine Noel

 CHARLOTTE, NC -- Legal experts in corruption cases say more warrants and more charges are possible following former Mayor Patrick Cannon's arrest and resignation.

Former Union Co. District Attorney John Snyder says the bombshell scandal surrounding the ex-Mayor is just beginning to unfold, and on paper, the FBI has a strong case against Cannon.
"If he's smart, he's going to be singing to anyone who will listen to him about what he knows, how he learned it, and what happened to get him there," says Snyder.
Over a 4-year period, the 42-page criminal complaint reveals Cannon accepted $48,000 in bribes. Snyder says anyone who has done business with Cannon should be worried.
Scott Broyles, Professor at the Charlotte School of Law, agrees and says more arrests are likely. "From what the evidence suggests, he was deeply involved with a lot of individuals," says Broyles.
Broyles says it's unknown at this point if Cannon's wife Trenna faces any charges. Her potential involvement in her husband's sting operation is laid out in the criminal complaint.
Moving forward, legal experts say a lot will depend on if the ex-Mayor cooperates with investigators. If Cannon resists and fights the charges, experts says it could be a long drawn-out affair as they move towards trial.
Cannon faces up to 50 years in prison. Snyder says jail time is likely, but Cannon could make a plea deal that could impact his sentence if he's convicted.
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