Local Attorneys Weigh In Patrick Cannon's Federal Charges


by Audrina Bigos

 CHARLOTTE, NC - Cannon's attorney filed court papers waiving a preliminary hearing. Legal experts say that could keep the case from going to a federal grand jury until April.

In the meantime, local attorneys are weighing in on Cannon's chances in court and the possibility of others being charged in connection. "They will closely scrutinize some of the larger transactions that came before city council, some of the larger votes that took place in recent years. I think there will be significant scrutiny," said Attorney Harold Cogdell, Jr.
Robert Reeves, one of Charlotte's defense attorneys, also weighed in on what's ahead for the ex-mayor and his attorney now that years of federal evidence is stacked up against Cannon.
"The defense team has to now go back and look at everything they've done, and they only have a couple of months before this will come up for trial, so you can see a clear time advantage, money advantage... all in favor of the government," said Reeves.
Cannon faces up to 50 years in prison. Former district attorney, John Snyder, tells WCCB jail time is likely, but Cannon could make a plea deal that could shorten that time.
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