Local Communities Playing Part in Lower Murder Rate


by Casie Kolbinsky

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Local communities are receiving some of the credit for Charlotte's lower murder rate.

So far, 21 murders have occurred in 2013. At about this time last year, 25 murders had taken place.

Additionally, the number of homicides has dropped yearly since 2010.

Some investigators said they thought witnesses were providing information to authorities sooner and that this might have been causing the lower murder rate.

"People are more apt to talk to us on a daily basis now, which helps us out because you have an opportunity to stop some situations before they escalate," Capt. Cecil Bribson of the CMPD Violent Crimes Division said."In the past, we didnt' have a lot of involvement in some communitites, so things might get out of hand."

Police said they have been able to solve 76 percent of Charlotte's murder cases this year thanks to tips from community members.







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