Local Family Rides Out Storm 30 Miles Off Coast


by WCCB Charlotte

FRYING PAN SHOALS TOWER, NC -- The strength of Hurricane Arthur was no match for a Mint Hill man and his family who were 30 miles out to sea.  Richard Neal owns the Frying Pan Tower off the North Carolina coast.  It's a 140-foot light tower converted into a bed and breakfast.  Waves were more than 30 feet high, and winds were at least 100 miles per hour.  During an intense gust the whole family jumped into action.

"At one period in time, after the eye passed and the storm built in intensity again, one of our windows blew in, and so all of my kids and I together gathered together to put a big stainless steel cover over this window," said Neal.

Neal says Hurricane Arthur maxed out the tower's wind reader.  Besides some motion sickness and some minor repairs, the tower was undamaged.

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