Local Self Defense Class Teaches Young Women to Fight Back


by Rance Adams
by WCCB News

Women in Mecklenburg County are being attacked in record numbers.  Just last year, six thousand were assaulted, and over 15 percent of those were under 19 years old.  The numbers are expected to increase this year.

"Just in case something happens while you're walking down the street," explains student Alesia Brown, "you want to be prepared for it."  

Although her parents suggested the idea, one of Aleshia's self defense classmates, who chose to remain anonymous, supports the thought of being prepared: "A lot of people think that something like getting attacked is never going to happen to them.  But you really don't know."

After beginning her martial arts training, House of Soke instructor Marilyn Kelly saw a need that needed to be filled.  "This day and time," she says, "this society, you never know when you're going to be attacked.  With things that are going on in the world around us, you want to be prepared."

Now this particular class is full of women, but students fully believe techniques learned here will benefit women of all ages.  Kelly especially believes that women heading off to college train in some type of self defense, and even suggests younger ages participate.  "I do recommend every female from ages 5 and up," she explains.

Marilyn's students feel that the training will be a great help as each goes through life, preparing for college.  One of those wanted to remain anonymous.  "Because you don't want people to know that you know self defense.  It's kind of something you want to keep a secret so it's more surprising.  If someone is attacking you, they expect you to attack back, but they won't know that you know what you're doing."

Besides teaching self defense in the physical sense, Marilyn Kelly and her students say the classes help teach confidence and awareness, which is something they say all women need.

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