Local Teachers Call For Self-Defense Training Following School Tragedies


by Christine Noel

 CHARLOTTE, NC-- Security cameras, locked doors, new ID badges: all helpful tools in keeping schools safe, but some local teachers are saying they're not enough.

School violence is a frightening new reality for educators like Judy Kidd, President of the Classroom Teachers Association of North Carolina. She says she doesn't feel safe in the classroom.
"Teachers are not trained well enough in safety on how to protect themselves and their students," says Kidd. She says schools have become a target for violence, and teachers are often on the front lines, unable to protect a classroom full of innocent children.
Kidd says the first step in creating a safer school environment is dedicating more resources to identifying kids who suffer from mental illness, depression, and anxiety. The second step, arming teachers with the skills and knowledge to defend themselves if need be.
Martial Arts Instructor Ryan Hoover agrees. "The reality is, whoever is in the building at the time is the first responders.
Hoover holds self-defense seminars for teachers called "Safer Campus." The program aims to educate school employees on ways to handle a shooter, or other acts of violence on school grounds.
"We tell them how to deal with it, and not just tell them, but we show them," says Hoover, "The reality is, these things are happening. And we can say, 'That's not what we signed up for.' That's where you are, that's what you've got.
For more information on the "Safer Campus" seminars, contact Ryan Hoover at www.ftfclt.com
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