Mom of Five Learning to Live as Triple Amputee


by Morgan Fogarty
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 CHARLOTTE, NC -- There has been an outpouring of support for a Matthews mom of five learning to live as a triple amputee.  Thirty-eight-year-old Kristan Seaford says a case of the flu turned into pneumonia, which lead to sepsis, which nearly killed her.  

Medication pumped blood from her extremities to her failing organs, saving the organs, but sacrificing the limbs.  Doctors removed both of her hands, one of her feet, and part of her other foot.  She just got new robotic prosthetics.

"I've got to learn kinda the finesse of it all," she said, "because I could try to shake your hand and not know how hard I was shaking, and actually kinda hurt you.  Sorry!"

"Bionic strength!" responded WCCB anchor Morgan Fogarty.

"Seriously!"  I'm working really hard to figure that out."

Before getting sick, Seaford was a runner and taught group classes at the Siskey YMCA.  There's a 5k fundraiser for her May 31. 

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