Natural Gas Suspected in Lancaster House Explosion


by Marvin Beach
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LANCASTER, SC - Crews spent the day sifting through what's left of a home on Cane Mill Road in Lancaster. Neighbors say the house burst into flames following an explosion just after midnight.

"All of a sudden, this great big boom went off," says Chris Wood. "We didn't know what happened, I mean it literally almost shook us out of bed." Neighbors like Wood found the home reduced to rubble.

The force was so great- pieces of insulation are scattered through trees, a door rests on a nearby roof, and mailbox posts were snapped like twigs. Officials say the blast was felt within a 10-mile radius.
"Knocked down some pictures. Knocked a bunch of stuff down in my garage," explains Lawrence Armstrong. He says it sounded like a sonic boom. "Jerked the whole house. And I'm on a foundation with brick. And it jerked the whole house!" Armstrong says.
Neighbors also saw damage to their homes.. including cracks on the ceiling.
SLED remained on the scene throughout the day.. even bringing in a helicopter to get an aerial view. We also saw bomb-sniffing dogs go through the debris.. though investigators have another theory. Officials believe the explosion may have been caused by natural gas, but they haven't been able to confirm that yet.
The family that lived at the house had just left Friday for a trip to the mountains. Neighbors say it's fortunate no one was hurt. "Thankful there weren't nobody in the house. It is a blessing they wasn't at home," says Reece Kirk.
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