New Questions About FBI's Role In Journalist's Death


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, NC--Hours before an explosive crash killed Reporter Michael Hastings in Los Angeles, retired Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs received an email from him. "When I saw that...that's when I was like...something's not right," said the Steele Creek resident.

Biggs lives in Steele Creek. He met Hastings when the two were embedded together in Afghanistan in 2008. In the email to Biggs, Hastings wrote federal investigators were interviewing his close friends and associates. He said he was onto a big story and needed to go off the radar.

The L.A. Times says Hastings was researching a story about Jill Kelley's lawsuite against the FBI and Defense Department. Kelley alleges her name was leaked after sher received emails from Dilworth resident Paula Broadwell, a biographer for CIA Director General David Petraeus. Petraeus resigned from the CIA after admitting he had an affair with Broadwell.

Hastings is well known for his controversial coverage of high profile military officials. Three years ago he wrote a Rolling Stone article about General Stanley McChrystal, ultimately ended the Army General's career. "The story he was working on was in his words the biggest story of his career. It would have been the end all be all. That would have set him apart," said Biggs.

In this tweet, WikiLeaks says Hastings also contacted them with the same concerns he shared with Biggs. The tweet, the email and this video from the crash are all fueling speculations that
the car could have exploded before impact. "I don't in anyway think its an accident. I think that there was a reason that happened  and there was someone behind it and it definitely has to do with what he was on to," said Biggs.

The FBI says Hastings was never under investigation. Police in Los Angeles say there was no evidence of foul play. The coroner in Los Angeles is still investigating the cause of death.

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