Parents File Injunction Against School Board On Redistricting Changes


by Audrina Bigos

 MONROE, NC - Parents in Union County filed an injunction Tuesday against the Board of Education. The 72-page motion accuses the board of moving redistricting lines behind closed doors after the board members voted on the redistricting plan on March 4.

"Elected officials should be conducting their business in full view of the public, and that's not even close to what's happening here," said Aaron Asbra, a Union County parents who is listed as a plaintiff in the injunction.

Asbra says the board exempted close to 200 prominent people, developers and influential churches from the redistricting plan with the new changes. 
The board's attorney denies the allegations. He says all the changes were made legally.
"The maps were published showing what the changes were at the board meeting in February. This whole process has been about as transparent as it could possibly be," said Richard Schwartz, the school board's attorney.
In a resolution, passed 7-2 Tuesday night, the board said this: "It was always the expectation of the board that the staff would have latitude to make minor adjustments to school attendance lines."
Parents say the changes should have been discussed and voted on in public.
"They publicly voted on one thing and now they're trying to sneak all these exemptions past us after they told us there would be no exemptions, no changes," said Asbra.
"I didn't want to believe that's what's going on, but it comes now with documentation that that's exactly what's going on. There was not true transparency, there was not total honesty," said Carolyn Bowers, a Weddington resident.
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