Parents Sue Union Co. Board of Education to Try and Stop Redistricting

The lawsuit was filed Monday afternoon.


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC-- The redistricting battle in Union County is on its way to the courtroom. Monday, parents in Union Co. sued the county's Bard of Education.

For Cuthbertson parent Susan Sullivan, a lawsuit filed against the School Board is her last hope to put a stop to county-wide redistricting. She hopes the23-page lawsuit will bring justice. "It means vindication for all of the hard work we've put into this," says Sullivan.

A redistricting plan, approved by the school board two weeks ago, will uproot nearly 6,000 students from their current schools to mange over-crowding. A plan that parents say was developed in secret and lacked transparency. Attorney Eric Rosenwood says, "We believe the process that was followed in this particular instance wasn't fair and open, and people just didn't get a fair shake."

The lawsuit claims the board excluded the public from participating in the process, and that the board misled the public into believing that no vote would happen on March 4th, which did. It was scheduled for April. School board Chairman Richard Yercheck says the Board has yet to look over the lawsuit. He released a statement to WCCB that says: "The Union County Board of Education respects the rights of the citizens and parents to file a lawsuit. We will work through the process to come to a quick resolution for all 42,000 children and all of 200,000 plus taxpayers."  

As Sullivan and other parents await the School Board's response, she says she has faith. "I will be able to sleep at the end of the day knowing that we did everything we could possibly do to protect our children," says Sullivan.

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