Prelim. Autopsy Results Provide Little Insight in Death of Mooresville Teen


by Christine Noel
by Chris Keimig, Photojournalist

MOORESVILLE, NC- A family hoping for answers in the mysterious death of Mooresville teen, Aaron Willis, has new questions Monday.

Mooresville Police say the Preliminary Autopsy results show there was nothing on the physical report that indicates a cause of death.

It's disheartening news to a family and community searching for answers.

"You don't think that something like this is going to happen to you or someone you know.. and then it does and it shocks everyone..," says nearby Mooresville Resident, Rachel Blihar, " heart goes out to the family."

Willis's parents found him in a wooded area near Montibello Drive in Mooresville on Saturday. They went looking for him after he didn't return home from a friend's house.

Investigators will have to wait for the toxicology results to come back before they can determine an official cause of death. Police say that could take up to three months.


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