Rain Compounding Sewage Spills in Tega Cay


by Morgan Fogarty
Bio | Email | Follow: @morganfogarty by Photographer Billy Carrier

TEGA CAY, S.C. - Video shot Monday by two Tega Cay residents says it all.  100,000 gallons of sewage - feces - flowing out of a water treatment facility, under the fence.  Some of it flowed right into a storm water drain that dumps it into Lake Wylie.  Some just soaked into the grounds of a golf course.

"There were kids there, running barefoot down the golf course right in the area where the sewage had been," says Tega Cay resident Kelly Macaluso.  She shot the video.  She's lived in Tega Cay for eight years and says these spills happen on a regular basis because the infrastructure is old and deficient.  Macaluso describes the company responsible for the system - Utilities, Inc. - in one word.  "Criminal. They're dumping sewage in a public lake.  How they're still getting away with that and people haven't stopped it in the upper levels of government, I can't even imagine," she says.

The video was shot Monday.  Tuesday, the damage caused by that overflow could still be seen and what is presumably solid waste was piled up against a fence.

"This is not a Tega Cay problem.  This is a problem for everybody that uses the lake for water," says Tega Cay resident Linda Stevenson.  She has been leading the charge against Utilities, Inc. for years.  She says the Illinois-based company sent an email to residents Tuesday indicating they were going to fix the problems here.  She says, "My question is, why didn't they do it 15 years ago?"  Stevenson says she won't stop until the spills do.  She says, "I want them (Utilities, Inc.) out of Tega Cay."

There was another 100,000 gallon spill the weekend of May 3rd.  Tega Cay's city manager says the constant spills are hurting the city and driving down property values.  He wants a meeting this week with state officials.

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