Drivers Dealing With Detours After Floods Damage Roads


by Audrina Bigos

CABARRUS COUNTY, NC- Families across our area are dealing with road blocks - thanks to all the rain.

Ten roads are damaged in Cabarrus County alone, and some of those were still closed Monday night after rushing water from weekend storms damaged drain pipes and washed away roads.

"Both my back roads have roads that are closed," said Ilona Volk, a Concord resident.

Volk was forced to turn around and find another way home because of a massive gap on Zion Church Road at Flowes Store Road.

“There's no other major road around here so this is kind of a big deal," said Volk.

"It will probably be a big inconvenience until they get it fixed because a lot of people use this road as a cut through," said Ed Roy, a Concord resident.

Drivers were forced to find another route after crews shut down Walker Road off NC 49.  Someone spray painted the word "danger" on the edge of the roadway to warn people about a steep drop-off to the creek underneath.

"With the storms here lately, it's just not much you can do about it," said Roy.

Drivers detoured along Harris Road between Poplar Tent  Road and the Skybrook subdivision found out their traffic troubles won't end any time soon.

"I was hoping they were going to open the road today, but talking to the workers, they're saying it could be three weeks,” said Charlie Pippa, a Concord resident.

So it's tough luck for drivers who are forced to stick to alternate routes.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation lists all of the damaged roads on its website. The site does not give an estimate for when the roads will re-open

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