Safety Gear for First Responders Made in Union County


by Marvin Beach
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MONROE, NC - From the Boston Bombings, to the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy... we rely on first responders to go into harm's way.

Many of them carry equipment made in Union County.

"Any of those situations where you could have a severe environment, we produce equipment to protect the respiratory systems," explains Andrew Chrostowski, with Scott Safety.

Scott Safety is the largest supplier of breathing equipment to firefighters in the country.

Thermal imaging cameras made here help find people trapped in a fire or under debris.

17-year employee Amanda Price puts the finishing touches on an air pack worn by first responders.

"To me, I'm very proud to to be able to do something like this. to be able to put life-saving equipment out there," she says.

The company also makes similar devices for the US Navy and Navys around the world.

Most recently.. Scott Safety signed a close to $12-million dollar deal with Taiwan.

Thursday, Congressman Robert Pittenger toured the facility which employees over 500 highly-skilled workers.

Something Pittenger says is great for the region.

"Absolutely. Employment's critical. And they do something that's really effective and meaningful here. And whatever I can do to encourage them I'm going to do it," Pittenger says.

Producing equipment they say is needed now more than ever.

And is good for business in the Charlotte region.


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