Search Underway For Shooting Suspects


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, NC--With a helicopter in the air, and a police dog on the ground, CMPD
searched for any signs of gunmen after a shooting at a Bojangles restaurant at the corner
of North Tryon and 28th Streets Thursday afternoon. Investigators say two victims were shot in
the parking lot.

Robin Sims heard the gun shots and watched as two men took off on foot and a car sped down the street. "To walk up to a car and just start shooting somebody at close range around
kids in the broad daylight innocent's just bad," said Sims

Crime scene technicians took photos of the blue car that ended up less than a mile down the
street. At least one window was shattered by bullet holes near the intersection of Pinckney
and Leigh Avenue. After the crash, Daris Laney says a victim, bleeding everywhere, ran up the
street toward his house. So, he gave him a towel to wrap around his arm, then
the man took off and jumped into a car driven by a woman, possibly a good samaritan,
just a few doors down before he believes she took him to the hospital ."It happened so's amazing what fast it was crazy," Laney said.

It's still unclear how the second victim got to the hospital. Police have not yet released a description of the shooters. They are trying to figure out a motive.


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