Aaron Byers Remains In Jail Without Bond After His Court Appearance Monday Morning



CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -  Aaron Byers remains in jail without bond after his court appearance Monday morning. Byers was charged with murder, posession of a firearm by a felon and attempted robbery.

Shelby Police say that 17-year-old Hannah Carol Bickley was accidently shot by 19-year-old Aaron Rashun Byers just after 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police have confirmed that two other people were inside the car at the time of the shooting. Police say that Byers was in a struggle with another person inside the car when he fired the shot that killed Bickley.

Captain Rick Stafford of the Shelby Police confirmed that the shooting was not accidental, but that Bickley was accidently shot. The shooting is not considered accidental because a felony was taking place when the gun was fired.

Shelby Police were called to a possibly armed robbery on Holder Drive in Shelby when they were flagged down on Broad Street by a male that said a female inside his vehicle had been shot. The male was Byers, Bickley's boyfriend of over eight months. Bickley was pronounced dead at the scene.






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