Sinkhole Worries Families, City Says Wait Two Years


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC- A growing sinkhole is worrying several Charlotte families.

It's just feet away from two homes with small children, but the families are hitting brick walls trying to get the city to do something about the hole.

"We're just concerned because it keeps getting larger and larger," said Angela Overcast.

With a sinkhole in her front yard, Overcast and her neighbors hope their homemade barricade keeps kids away.

"The City of Charlotte told us it's up to us to secure it and make sure it's safe, but there's only so much you can do. It keeps getting bigger and whatever we put on it will fail eventually until they fix it," said Donna Overcast.

The City of Charlotte gave the sinkhole medium priority when the Overcasts first complained last July.  Now, the hole has grown to almost six feet wide and six feet deep.

In a recent e-mail, a  city drainage specialist said it will be a minimum of two years before the city  comes up with a solution and repairs the problem.

"It's unacceptable to me that it's going to take three years total to fix this. It's just unacceptable as a grandmother and a taxpayer," said Overcast.

The family says safety is at stake.

"You hear about sinkholes all the time,  in the particularly in the state of Florida. Now, the weather is pretty unpredictable and we're coming up on the summer where we have lots of heavy rain storms," said Overcast.

The Overcasts and their next-door neighbors are trying to keep kids away from the hole and just hope nothing major happens.

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