Solution In Sight For A Growing Sinkhole In East Charlotte


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC-  A solution is in sight for a growing sinkhole causing safety concerns in East Charlotte.

On Tuesday, residents and the owners of the Arcadian Village Apartments heard the city's repair plan for a growing sinkhole in their complex - in addition to erosion and flooding concerns.

"I do see a resolution in sight here," said Mark Lerner, owner of Lerner & Company Real Estate.

Lerner says he's happy to see a plan in place after a three-year battle with Storm Water Services.

"Today was the first real concrete meeting we've attended with representatives from the city that a solution was finally presented," said Lerner.

From the design phase, to construction, the project manager from Storm Water Services say fixing the flooding problems will take at least four years. However, the sinkhole and erosion issues are getting worse and posing a threat to homes.

"It's getting closer to the foundation of the home and when it does that, it's getting into an area where it could undermine a foundation, so we want to get on those earlier than later," said Matthew Anderson, with Storm Water Services.

The growing sinkhole is also part of the short-term repair plans.  Anderson says repairs should be finished by the end of the year.

"If I see things aren't moving forward in a meaningful way, I'll continue to address that with the city,” said Lerner.

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