Steve Smith Becomes a Baltimore Raven


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC -- Former Panther Steve Smith's fate is sealed.  Smitty signed a three-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens Friday, just one day after the Panthers cut him.  Die-hard fans say they hate to see Smitty go, and many hoped that since he played here for 13 seasons, he would retire in Charlotte.

"As long as he doesn't come back and hurt us in any way, I'm fine with it," says Concord resident Eric Barnes.

"Oh, I've been sick.  I was sick when I heard," says fan Carl Caldwell.  "I'm a Steve Smith fan, and I've been sick over that."

Another fan adds, "You know, it's like anybody being uprooted from their home.  It's not a good thing."

You can follow Steve Smith's career with the Panthers right here on our web channel.  

For photo gallery of Smitth over the years, click here.

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