Student Hospitalized After Brutal Beating By Wannabe Lover


by Kirk Hawkins
by Terrance Walker, Photojournalist

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Huntersville Police say a 15 year old boy lured a 14 year old girl into a wooded area behind the campus on Tuesday then attacked her. Investigators say she played dead so he would let her go. Police say she identified the suspect shortly after passing out on campus.
Detectives are looking into the possibility that jilted young love may have prompted the beating.
"The young man wanted it to be more than a friendship and the young lady did not," said Huntersville Police Department Deputy Chief Michael Kee.

The suspect, booked into a juvenile facility for attempted murder charges. The girl, admitted to a hospital with injuries that could have been much worse. "She could have died, clearly.  She did some things and had the forethought to do some things that helped save her own life," said Kee.

Seung Jung takes his kids to tae kwon do classes to prepare them for the worst, "Today's society is such that you always have to be aware of  your surroundings," said the Mooresville resident. Experts say self defense and martial arts is important to instill confidence and prevent dating violence. "In Tae Kwon Do we practice something called an indomitable spirit, which basically means, no matter what you're going to be ferocious when you fight," said Chris Robertson of Golden Eye Tae Kwon Do in Huntersville.

Awareness for parents in order to keep their families safe, "You can't protect your kids forever and
it makes me aware that we need to make sure our children know how to talk to people and how to defend themselves if a situation like this would occur," said Huntersville Resident Rose Karaffa.

The Huntersville Police Department is planning a defense class for women next month. Click on Web Links for more information.

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