Surveillance cam: 45 Seconds to Burglarize Store


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTE, NC -- Surveillance video was key in helping police catch three men they believe burglarized 16 stores in 8 days.

Fourteen of the stores were in Charlotte, one in Concord, and one in Pineville.

Forty-five seconds is all it took for the thieves to steal electronics from a single store. They've had plenty of time to get good at it, police say.

"It actually frightens me," said Michelle Peters. She watched officers gather evidence from the Cricket Wireless store in the University City area. That was the seventh target. Police were zeroing in on their suspects: Kenneth Black, Travis Gill and Luquese Black.

"We knew it was the same people," said Lt. Brian Sanders.

Police have run into these guys before. Kenneth Black has gone to jail three times for various theft and robbery charges. Travis Gill serves 16 months in prison for Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Luquese Black was first incarcerated for stealing a car. He went back to jail three more times for drugs and theft.

"The laws are kind of lax, and there's so much crime going on," said Peters.

Repeat offenders are a touchy subject in the shopping center she frequents. It's been hit several times before.

"I'm hoping when you hear something like that, the police presence will be more and be helpful," said Peters.

It was helpful in this case. Police knew where the trio was going to strike next. They waited outside the Radio Shack in the Concord Mills area.

They quickly arrested Kenneth Black and Gill. Luquese Black decided to jump a fence, and he is in the hospital due to falling so far down to the ground.

The question now for folks, "Why waste your time, really?" said Peters.

$45,000 in electronics pocketed, but is it really that helpful in jail?

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