Friday, November 27, 2015

Toddler Found Alone on Street, Teen Sitter Charged
by Morgan Fogarty
Bio | Email | Follow: @morganfogarty by Photographer Chris Keimig

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - 16-year-old Sharon Cuthbertson is charged with misdemeanor child neglect after the two-year-old she was supposed to be babysitting for a relative was found alone on North Tryon Street around three in the morning.  Good Samaritans saw the toddler as he tried to cross the busy roadway near the Tom Hunter Road intersection.  One scooped the boy up and another waited with him at a 7-11 convenience store for police.

Willie Cummings works at the 7-Eleven.  He says, "He (the toddler) was just shaking, like he was cold. We gave him some juice, asked him did he want something to eat. He say he don't want nothing to eat. He wanted his mother."

In the 911 call, a woman tells the dispatcher, "I got my coat on him, he ain't got nothing but a diaper on and somebody's big tennis shoes. That is crazy."  The woman who made that call is Bernice Thomas.  She was on her way to work when she saw the little boy.  She says, "I'm glad we did find him.  I wouldn't imagine that being one of my children, that's all I can say on that point."

Thomas says this of the teen who was supposed to be watching the baby:  "She should have had that door locked a little bit better, how did that child get out of the house?"

We'll have to wait for answers.  Cuthbertson is still behind bars.