Train Crashes Into Tractor-Trailer, Injuring Four


by WCCB News
by Jacinda Garabito
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A train slammed into a tractor trailer early Tuesday evening, causing a big mess during the evening commute. Tonight, the driver of the truck faces charges.

The 18-wheeler was trying to cross the railroad tracks near Old Charlotte Highway and Rocky River Road. The stop light was red, and there were cars in front of the truck, so the driver had nowhere to go. The bed of the truck was still covering the tracks when it was struck by a CSX train. Six vehicles were involved in the crash, and four people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Witnesses say the driver should have never tried to cross the railraod tracks in the first place.

"I heard the train whistle down there blow, and I glanced in my rear view mirror," says David Frank of southeast Charlotte. "He was stuck back there on the tracks, and there was no where else for him to go."

Officers charged the driver of the truck with failure to stop at a railroad crossing.

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