Union County High School Hit Hard By The Storm


by Kirk Hawkins

STALLINGS, N.C.--Nine year old Payton Strome is on track to attend Sun Valley High School in Indian Trail. That's where water leaking into the cafeteria was caught on camera today. "It's ridiculous. It needs action, and it needs action immediately," said her mom, Cherri Strome.

After the leaky roofs worsened over winter break, the school's principal told the Union County Board of Education that they caused safety concerns and distractions. As a result, money was approved for repairs in January. But those repairs won't happen for months. "I just feel like they should be fixed quickly and as quickly as possible," said Stallings Resident Molly Gickling.

The leaky roofs are just one of at least 50 problems identified by a Union County Public Schools study of the campus five years ago. District officials told Gickling that four other schools are also waiting on roof repairs. "I think its unacceptable that we have multiple schools in our county that have leaking roofs," said Gickling.

Parents worry the leaks are creating dampness, mold, and indoor air pollution. Problems that could only get worse now that redistricting will increase the amount of students at the school as early as this fall. "I'm very concerned for the kids' health and safety," said Strome.

The school district's latest facilities report found Sun Valley also has inadequate space. Union County Public School officials did not return our requests for comment on the leaky roof.
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