Virginia Gay Marriage Case Heads to Supreme Court


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC -- Justices debating a gay marriage ban in Virginia say the case is headed to the Supreme Court.  Political experts believe the outcome could affect North Carolina's Amendment One.

Tuesday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on both sides.  Judges are debating whether marriage is a fundamental right for Americans.  At one point, the discussion turned to a ruling that allowed inmates to marry.

"You can be in prison, a ward of the state, and you can make a commitment to love and cherish someone, and the state could not prevent that," said Fourth Circuit Judge Roger L. Gregory.  "Yet a person, because of a person's sexual orientation, they don't have that right in Virginia?"

The lawsuit stems from two same-sex couples living in Virginia.  Two men want the state to award them a marriage license.  And two women, married in California, want Virginia to recognize their union.

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