Voters Consider Raising Taxes for Teacher Salaries


by WCCB Charlotte

 CHARLOTTE, NC --  Teacher raises now rest in the hands of Mecklenburg County voters. Commissioners decided to put a 7.5 percent county tax increase on the November ballot Tuesday night.  If it passes, Mecklenburg County's sales tax would become the highest in the state.  However, CMS teachers would be among those seeing a pay boost.  Several taxpayers tell WCCB they're willing to pay the price for the sake of education.

"The teachers just can't afford it.  They can't afford to make a living, and it's just not showing our children any kind of balance," said Cotswold resident Erin Sherwood.  

Dilworth resident William Bellinger added, "Half a cent is worth our teachers.  Teachers are living our district because the pay is so low makes no sense in a rich city like Charlotte."

The budget Commissioners passed Tuesday night does not call for a property tax hike.  It does include a two percent increase in water, sewer and storm water fees.

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