Wandering Bear Spotted Again in Charlotte-area


by Marvin Beach
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CONCORD, NC - "Yep, he come up right here through the creek," points Concord resident West Childress.

Childress says he didn't believe it at first.

"Disbelief. Maybe misidentification. Sure enough, there was black bear in the backyard," he explains.
Childress was one of several people stunned to see the 300 pound black bear wandering through Concord Saturday.
People spotted him early in the day along a greenway near McGee Park.
The young bear then made his way by Central  Cabarrus High School and Rocky River Elementary.
All before spending about five minutes in Childress' back yard..
"I'm sure it makes people a little nervous, cause it is a wild animal. But also it's an awesome sight to see one," he says.
No matter where the bear is spotted, there always seems to be one thing in common. It's always nearby a stream or waterway, which it seems to be following.
By Sunday - the bear had traveled about 10 miles southeast.
He was last spotted near Midland.
Lavon and Niki Scott were surprised to learn it was seen at the intersection of Midland and Bethel School Roads.
Not far from their house.
"Uhhh.. that's amazing. That he hasn't got caught. Nobody's caught him yet," they say.
Wildlife Officers say they plan to leave the bear alone as long as he isn't harming anybody.
They say he's probably headed towards Albemarle.
Police think it's the same bear that was seen there last week.
Wildlife experts say black bears are usually very shy and non-agressive if left alone.
They say young bears may wander long distances while looking for new habitats.
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