Water Receding Near Catawba River, Some residents still without power.


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Trisha Norket is powering through puddles as she begins to clean up at her
home on Riverside Drive. "We're lucky because our house is built up. But we have a mess underneath...and we still have water under our house," said Norket.

Ted Hendrix checked out his property just a few doors down. While he might have to delay a memorial weekend barbecue, he's still planning on building his new home here. "It's worth the risk. This is a wonderful neighborhood. I love it up here. It's quiet. The lake part is very quiet," said the Gastonia resident.

Roughly 100 families were forced out of their homes on Tuesday as their neighborhood
was submerged by the rising flood waters of the Catawba River. Without extra rainfall, Duke Energy says water levels for Charlotte area lakes are stabilizing as they cautiously send water downstream to protect low lying homes from flooding. "It's being released right now but it doesn't have anywhere to go and if it doesn't have anywhere to go this is what happens," said Norket.
This is the second time Norket has seen flooding outside her home since she moved in
17 years ago. Now she's waiting for water levels and her life to return back to normal.
"I'm not really encouraged yet...because it's not down. But I do know it's going to happen,"
Norket said.

Duke Energy says it could take some time for customers without power to meet with county inspectors and get their power restored. Police here no longer have road blocks. But they are still patrolling neighborhoods.


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