Wife of Man Hit by Stray Bullet Wants Someone to Step Forward


by Marvin Beach
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CHARLOTTE, NC - A man hit by a stray bullet in Northeast Charlotte could leave the intensive care unit soon. Brandon Yam's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

"He's not doing real well, but I think he's a little bit better than yesterday," says Yam's wife Sopheap Kim. 

Kim says her husband can communicate but is having trouble recognizing his family. "He can talk, but not that well, not remember everything, nothing like that," she says.

Police believe the 47-year-old man was struck by a stray bullet Friday night. Yam and his family were cooking at a festival at the opening of a Cambodian Buddhist Temple off North Tryon Street.
Investigators think the bullet came from celebratory gunfire across the street. "It was like firecracker pop, and we turned around and I saw my dad with a dazed look on his face, and he slowly fell over," says Yam's son Randy.
Family members say the father of four was cooking at the festival because he's been out of work for about two months. "I'm out of work. He's out of work, and we just try to do something to make money," Kim says.
Sunday Yam and his family were on the minds of those at the temple. "I feel sorry for him and for his family too. When we do a special ceremony like this we don't want nothing happen to no one whatsoever," says Thoeum Lorth, with the Cambodian Buddhist Society. "I hope that God Bless him, and bring him back life, and that's all we know," Lorth says.
Doctors have not removed the bullet from his head. Yam's family says it's critical doctors know what type of gun it came from before they take it out.
"Just come forward and just call the police and let them know. We really need to know," says Yam's sister Chenda Yam Wilson.
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