Geese Killed in Gaston County Park


by Marvin Beach
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 DALLAS, NC - "It was unnecessary. It was cruel. It was sneaky," says Dallas, NC resident Becky Duffeck.

Duffeck says she was stunned to find all the geese in Dallas Park were gone Tuesday morning.

"She said 'We gassed them,' I said 'That's the most inhumane way of killing any animal in the world,'" she says.
Parks and Rec officials say the park had become overrun with almost 150 geese.
Advocates with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue say the number was smaller.. and they had already begun re-locating some.
"We were still working with them and willing to help them and never at any point did they let us know they had any of these plans," says Jennifer Gordon, with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.
But Gaston County Park and Rec officials say all the waste created by the geese was becoming a public safety problem, and had to be taken care of immediately.
"We were getting complaints from citizens about the unsanitary conditions, about the goose aggression, about the possibility of disease," explains Parks and Rec Director Cathy Hart.
Hart says killing the geese was a last resort... even though the waterfowl rescue says it wanted to take them.
"They never suggested that they would like to do that and they were aware that the law said you can't relocate Canada Geese," Hart says.
Some park goers wonder why something more humane wasn't done.
Lisa Eudy and her kids will miss the geese.
"That's wrong just to kill them just because they're doing what anybody does. They don't know any better," Eudy says.
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