Local News Stories

Sex Assault at Unlicensed Daycare in Hickory

A Hickory man faces sex charges after he was accused of assaulting a child at an unlicensed daycare at his home. Read More »

Couple Steals Baby Dino Display from NC Museum

Now, the State Capitol Police are asking for help identifying the man and woman who were caught on camera Monday afternoon. Read More »

Rowan County Woman Arrested On Outstanding Drug Warrant

Natosha Reese, 33, was arrested on outstanding drug and probation warrants Tuesday. Read More »

Worker Dies From Crushed Skull At Gaston County Plant

A man has been killed while working at a Gaston County plant. Read More »

Sexual Harassment Allegations Sway District Attorney Vote

The election results are in and some voters turned on Jay Gaither after a former employee sued him last month for sexual harassment. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots July, 15th

Check out the Mugshots from Tuesday, July 15th.

Wreck Knocks Down Power Lines on N. Tryon St.

The 5100 block of N. Tryon Street near Eastway Drive was temporarily shut down after an accident Tuesday night that knocked down power lines. Read More »

Panthers' Greg Hardy Convicted of Domestic Violence, Files Appeal

A judge convicted Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy on domestic violence charges Tuesday. Morgan Fogarty reports live on the phone from uptown Charlotte. Read More »

Shaking Building Prompts Evacuation in Uptown Charlotte

A rumbling in uptown sent people scurrying out of a building on South Tryon Street Tuesday morning. Read More »

Police Search for Suspect in Murder of Corrections Officer

One of the two suspects wanted for the murder of a corrections officer in south Charlotte is in jail. Police are still looking for Raphael White. Read More »

Panthers' Greg Hardy Convicted of Domestic Violence

A judge convicted Carolina Panthers' defensive end Greg Hardy on domestic violence charges late Tuesday night. Read More »

New Person Named in Bianca Tanner Murder Investigation

WCCB has learned how this man is connected to her accused killer. And we've also uncovered his own criminal history, one that is eerily similar to murder suspect Angelo Smith, Junior. Read More »

S. Tryon St. Building 'Shaking' Caused By Broken Belt On HVAC

The building at 200 S. Tryon St. that includes the McCormick and Schmick's restaurant received reports of 'shaking' Tuesday around 10:45 a.m. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots July 14th

Check out Mecklenburg County's mugshots from Monday, July 14th.

DSS Makes Changes After Supervisor Investigation

Many Union County residents are not impressed by new plans approved Monday night to fix the county's child welfare system. Read More »