Ohio hospital shooting: Mercy killing or murder?


CLEVELAND (AP) — Ohio authorities investigating what may have been a mercy killing are faced with a dilemma.

One big question for them is what is the appropriate charge when a relative is accused of killing a loved one to end their suffering. As the baby boom generation ages, research indicates that question is likely to arise more often.

John Wise is charged with aggravated murder. Police in Akron say he shot his wife to death in her hospital bed this month.

His attorney says Wise has always acted out of love for his wife who had suffered a stroke a week earlier.

Research has shown that when a husband kills an ailing wife, most cases never go to trial and end with a plea deal that carries a few years in prison.

The latest installment in Aging America, the joint AP-APME project examining the aging of the baby boomers and its impact on society.

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