Obama to visit Louisiana Monday in the wake of Isaac


ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama had made his decision to visit Louisiana on Monday before Mitt Romney's announcement that he would be going to the state today to see damage from Hurricane Isaac.

Obama will also be examining water and wind damage from the storm. He will be arriving in Louisiana after a campaign stop in Ohio earlier in the day.

Obama spokesman Jay Carney, when asked about Romney's trip to the area today, said it's "always important to draw attention to the fact that individuals and families and business owners are profoundly affected."

Isaac reached hurricane strength as it made landfall earlier this week. It coincided with the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and it struck as the Republican National Convention unfolded in Florida.

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232-c-17-(Mark Smith, AP White House correspondent)-"unique logistical challenges"-AP White House Correspondent Mark Smith reports the president will visit the Gulf three days after Mitt Romney. (31 Aug 2012)

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231-c-17-(Mark Smith, AP White House correspondent)-"stop in Cleveland"-AP White House Correspondent Mark Smith reports President Obama is heading to Louisiana on Monday to view the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. (31 Aug 2012)

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