Federal Hate Crime Charges May Be Filed Today Against White Supremacist


by Andrew Spencer

Marionville, KANSAS -  Frazier Glenn Cross, a well know white supremacist, may have federal hate crime charges brought up against him Tuesday in the shooting of three people outside 2 Jewish facilities on Sunday.

Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Frazier Glenn Miller on his website, has a long history on anti-semitic beliefs, including founding a North Carolina chapter of the KKK.  Anti-racism organizations say he has been active in white supremacist groups since the 1970s. 

Police shot and killed Cross' son in 2008 after a crash in Marionville.  Police say that armed with a shotgun, he killed a good samaritan who stopped to help him, then later fired at police.

Radio host David Pakman interviewed Cross in 2010 when he ran a write in campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate.  "He told me in no uncertain terms that even though I had never met him, even though I had never said anything specific to him, or wronged him, merely because I was Jewish, he didn't like me."

Fourteen year old Reat Underwood, his grandfather Dr. William Corporan and occupational therapist Terri LaManno were killed on Sunday at 2 separate Jewish facilities.  None of the victims were Jewish.  Corporan and his grandson were Methodist, LaManno was Catholic.





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