Girl's Body Found In Refrigerator Drawer


by WCCB Charlotte

HOUSTON, TX -- A little girl in Texas makes a disturbing discovery.

She discovered the body of her special needs sister, wrapped in a blanket and shoved in a refrigerator drawer.

Investigators in Houston think the nine-year-old died in January. Her body weighed 14 pounds and had bruises and cuts all over, when it was found Monday.

Her mother told investigators she tried to perform CPR after the girl stopped breathing, but panicked when she couldn't save her. Family members are in disbelief.

Little girl's aunt, Kleuyahla Richardson, " I would ask about her, but then like, she would just tell me she was with cousins and friends and stuff like that," says Richardson.

The mother is not charged and she has a history with child protective services that dates back to 2002.




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