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Mecklenburg County Mugshots August 28th

Check out the mugshots from Friday, August 28th.

Attorney General Explains Decision Not to Retry Officer Wes Kerrick

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper says meeting the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt could not be achieved.

FOP, Kerrick's Attorney React to AG Decision Not to Retry Officer

FOP says it will continue backing Officer Wes Kerrick as he makes work decisions after being cleared of criminal charges.

CMPD Reviewing if Officer Kerrick Followed Department Policies

The charge against Officer Wes Kerrick will be dismissed. Kerrick's attorneys say it's not clear if he will stay with CMPD.

State Senator Shadows Local Teacher Assistant

A state Senator is trying to prove how important local teacher assistants are by being one.

Mecklenburg County Mugshots August 27th

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from Thursday, August 27th.

CMPD Chief Talks Kerrick Trial and Department Morale

CMPD and Chief Kerr Putney are trying to mend a rift within, while looking to build a stronger bond with the community it serves.

Gastonia Police Make Arrest After Multiple Car Break-Ins

Police say they have arrested the man responsible for multiple car break-ins in Gastonia. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots August 26th

Check out the mugshots from Wednesday, August 26th.

Kerrick Trial: Jury Foreman Speaks Out

The foreman says the dash cam video was key for many of the eight jurors who voted not guilty.

Kerrick Attorneys Speak for First Time Since Mistrial

The attorneys for CMPD Officer Wes Kerrick are asking the state not to retry their client. They spoke Wednesday for the first time since a mistrial was declared last week.

General Assembly Makes Tentative Agreement on Overdue Budget

House and Senate leaders have worked out a tentative agreement on state employee and teacher salaries.

How to Protect Your Money as Stock Market Dives

We're tracking what the slide means here in the Queen City, the country's second largest financial district, plus what's causing it, and what you should do right now to protect your money.

Local Strategist Gives Options as 401 Ks Dive with Dow

People in the banking capitol of the South watched their 401 K's dive down with the Dow.

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