Kannapolis Supports New Handicap Accessibility Symbol


by Patrick Sidlovsky

KANNAPOLIS, N.C.-- Around the City of Kannapolis there is a new symbol to indicate handicap accessibility parking spaces.   

The symbol was created by 23-year-old Brendon Hildreth and his friend Sara Hendren. Hildreth has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Hendren, a graduate student at the Harvard School of Design, set out to modernize the International Symbol of Access into an image that reflects an active lifestyle. She thought the old handicapped sign looked too "mechanical and static." She wanted to change it because many wheelchair users are actually very active.
The symbol Hendren and Hildreth designed shows a person active in a wheelchair, not just sitting.
Hendren and Hildreth's campaign to put the symbol into action is called the Accessible Icon Project. The symbols can be found around Kannapolis at the train station, public works facilities and soon at city hall. 
The symbol has caught on in other cities like New York City and Austin, Texas.  
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