Nearly $500,000 Worth of Supplies Was Stolen or Lost During the DNC

Half a million dollars worth of equipment used at the DNC is unaccounted for


by Christine Noel
by Chris Keimig, Photojournalist

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More than 800 big ticket items used during last year's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte are missing, worth half a million dollars!

The Democratic National Convention Committee sent a spreadsheet to CMPD detailing all of the lost or stolen items from last September's DNC and there's not just a few items on the list. According to the police report obtained by WCCB, there are 841 pieces of communication equipment still M-I-A and it all adds up to a pretty penny.

Among the missing items: 77 flat-screen TV's, 102 MacBooks, 99 HP Laptops, 42 iPads, 11 Nano iPods, 321 Blackberry's, 50 iPhones, 6 Apple monitors, and 14 HP monitors. That's not including all the missing printers or computer and phone accessories like headphones, speakers and electronic keyboards.

Combined, the missing tech supplies cost nearly half a million dollars; $495,916.59 to be exact.

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