Kannapolis Murdered Baby's Mother Says No Leads


by WCCB Charlotte

Still no arrests in the murder of Malaya Heun and Monday her mom broke her silence.

The 15 month old girl died almost two weeks ago after what the police chief calls "one of the most brutal assaults on a child he's ever seen."

Malaya's mom, Christy, talked with WCCB on Monday and says investigators told her they should know more later this week.

Christy and Malaya's father, Jamie, are separated. Christy says she hasn't seen him since the baby's funeral.

Investigators say Malaya was beaten severely on Monday, January 20th. She died two days later.It allegedly happened inside a Kannapolis townhouse where Malaya lived with her mother and three siblings. Neither Christie nor Jamie were apparently home when the abuse happened.

"There's people who know stuff i guess but the people who know stuff ain't saying nothing and that's killing me because i need my answers. I need to know why this happened to my baby. I want to know why.” Christy Heun said.

Under a new North Carolina law, convicted child abusers face 25 years to life behind bars.

If you know anything that can help investigators make an arrest in Malaya Heun's death,  call Kannapolis police.

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