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Same-Sex Couples Marry at Courthouse, Critics Echo Disapproval

62 same-sex couples received marriage licenses in Mecklenburg County Monday.

North Carolina Prepares for Ebola

The Ebola outbreak has claimed more than 4,000 lives. There are no known or suspeted cases in North Carolina, but state health officials are being proactive about the threat.

North Carolina Ebola Hotline

The State of North Carolina has set up an Ebola hotline to answer your questions. Read More »

Attorney Talks About The Legal Side To Gay Marriage In NC

In the days after the Supreme Court decided not to hear appeals related to same sex marriage bans being overturned, the number of states allowing gay marriage jumped from 19 to 32. Read More »

Mecklenburg County Mugshots October 12, 2014

Check out the Charlotte area mugshots from October 12, 2014.

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