Charlotte Cuban-Americans React to Change in Policy

We're getting reactions about President Obama's historic change in policy toward Cuba from Cuban-Americans who live here in Charlotte.

Jeb Bush To Explore Run For Presidency

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday took his most definitive step yet toward running for president, announcing plans to "actively explore" a campaign and form a new political operation allowing him to raise money for like-minded Republicans. Read More »

Senator Kay Hagan Says Goodbye to Fellow Senators

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan said goodbye Friday night to fellow Senators and supporters. She was defeated in the November midterm elections by Republican and former North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis.

House Approves Stop-Gap Extension to Prevent Shutdown

It will keep the government running until Wednesday, and gives the Senate more time to vote on a $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Advocates Call on Governor McCrory to Support Immigrants

McCrory joined 14 other states in a lawsuit challenging President Obama's executive order on immigration.

Chesterfield Co. Sheriff Will Not Get Any Control of Animal Shelter

Animal advocates are pleased, but say while this battle has been won, the war may not be over.

Chesterfield Co. Animal Shelter: "If Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It."

That's the feeling from more than 5,000 people who want the Chesterfield Co. Sheriff to stay out of the animal shelter. They've signed a petition against Jay Brooks' plan. Brooks explained why his plan is good for the shelter that is still healing from a violent history.

Commission Chair Defends Board's Reputation, Calls For Unity

A call for unity among Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners after a drama-filled night at the Government Center on Monday.

Cloud of Controversy as Commissioners Break Tradition

A power struggle among Democrats at the Mecklenburg County Commissioner's swearing-in ceremony left the board breaking tradition.

Rallies In Charlotte Focus On Racial Profiling

Several hundred people showed up for rallies across Charlotte Tuesday. Activists want the unrest in Ferguson to affect change locally.

Republicans Fire Back at Obama's Immigration Plan

Local Latino families are celebrating as President Obama signs executive actions to reform what he calls a broken immigration system.

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Same-Sex Marriages in SC

Same-sex couples in South Carolina can continue to tie the knot.

President Reveals Executive Actions on Immigration

The President revealed his plan Thursday to overhaul what he calls America's broken immigration system. He says deportation should be for felons, not families.

President Obama to Unveil Immigration Plan

President Obama is expected to sidestep Congress Thursday and issue an executive order to keep millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Same-Sex Marriages Begin in South Carolina

A judge issued the first marriage license to a lesbian couple in Charleston Wednesday, who then got married at the county courthouse.

Obama Ready to Use Executive Order on Immigration

President Obama says he is ready to tackle the immigration issue with an executive order. Some Republcans in Congress are calling it a declaration of political war.

Gaston Co. Commissioners Approve Marriage Resolution

Despite some opposition from residents, Gaston County Commissioners passed a resolution Thursday night opposing same-sex marriage.

Lawmakers To Appeal NC's Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The battle over same sex marriages in North Carolina isn't over yet. Two lawmakers are challenging a judge's order that allowed the unions and a U.S. appeals court upheld gay marriage bans in four other states.

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage Bans in Four States

The Supreme Court may be forced to get involved in the legal battle over same-sex marriage.

Thom Tillis Speaks on Senate Win

A day after narrowly unseating incumbent Kay Hagan, Tillis spoke in Cornelius Wednesday about developing bipartisan efforts to boost the economy.

Obama Says He'll Continue to Push for Immigration Reform

President Obama says the new balance of power in Congress will not stop him from pushing immigration reform.

Mecklenburg Considering Property Tax Hike

If you own a home in Mecklenburg County, you may have to pay higher property taxes so teachers can get a raise.

Early Returns Show 'No' Vote to Sales Tax Hike

If early vote totals are any indication, teachers in Mecklenburg County will not be getting a raise.

Charlotte Voters Approve $146 Million in Bonds

Early numbers show overwhelming support for bonds supporting transportation, low-income housing, and neighborhood improvements.

WCCB Reporting from Hagan, Tillis Watch Parties

WCCB's Audrina Bigos and Courtney Francisco report from the Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan watch parties as both candidates await election results.