Veterans Skeptical After President Obama's Speech In Charlotte

President Obama faced a tough crowd of veterans in Charlotte Tuesday.

How President Obama's Visit Impacts NC Senate Race

The President's visit comes during a heated Senate race in North Carolina. A campaign that could help swing the balance of power on the Senate floor.

President Obama To Speak In Charlotte Tuesday

While President Obama will be in Charlotte Tuesday to address Veteran Affairs, the visit comes in the midst of multiple controversies, from racial tensions in Ferguson to the escalating crisis in the Middle East.

President Obama to Address Charlotte's American Legion Convention

Congresswoman Kay Hagan wants Obama to address the problems veterans face, including those with VA hospitals across the country.

Supreme Court Puts Virginia Same-Sex Marriages on Hold

The U.S. Supreme Court put the unions on hold Wednesday until it can decide whether they should be legalized nationwide.

President Obama Speaks Out Against ISIS

New U.S. airstrikes Wednesday night against ISIS terrorists in Iraq. The strikes come as President Obama blasts the terror group over the murder of an American journalist.

ISIS Claims to Have Murdered Journalist, Threatens Another

ISIS terrorists claim to have beheaded an American journalist, and are threatening the life of a second journalist.

Iraqi Prime Minister Steps Down

Prime Minster Nouri Al-Maliki is giving up his post. He says he won't be the cause of any bloodshed, and believes his decision to step down will protect the country's interest.

U.S. Considers Evacuating Refugees in Iraq

The White House is considering whether it's feasible to evacuate the 10,000 to 20,000 Iraqis hiding from the militants on a mountain.

U.S. Increases Military Action in Iraq

The United States military is firing off more air strikes against ISIS, also known as ISIL, militants.

President Obama Authorizes Targeted Air Strikes in Iraq

President Obama has authorized U.S. air strikes on Iraq, but says the U.S. will not be getting into another war in the country.

Israel and Hamas Agree on 72-Hour Cease Fire

The truce comes after two deadly attacks in Jerusalem. A pedestrian was killed when a man used a bulldozer to flip over a city bus. A soldier was also killed.

NC Senate Votes on $21.2 Billion Budget

Included are increased funding for kindergarten though college classrooms, and an additional $186 million for a Medicaid contingency reserve.

Mary C. Curtis Talks Same Sex Marriage Ruling In VA Affects Politics in NC

A step forward for supporters of same sex marriage. North Carolina officials say they will stop defending the amendment that bans this kind of union. Read More »

U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Russian Economy

President Obama announced new sanctions against Russia as fighting flares up between Russian-supported rebels and the Ukraine army.

NC Attorney General Will No Longer Defend Sam-Sex Marriage Ban

AG Roy Cooper made the comments after a ruling Monday by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals that Virginia's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

Report: Russia Moving More Powerful Weapons Into Ukraine

The move comes as Ukrainian officials say they are seeing artillery attacks coming from Russian territory.

FAA Lifts Flight Ban to Israel

Some lawmakers in Washington accuse the Obama administration of using the ban to impose an economic boycott of Israel.

Residents Protest Proposed I-77 Toll Lane

A large crowd at the Cornelius town hall proved people are not happy about toll lanes on I-77. The NC DOT says the hot lanes from uptown Charlotte to Mooresville would ease congestion and create jobs.

FAA Bans Flights To Israel After Rocket Attack Near Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration has banned US carriers from flying to Israel for at least 24 hours after a rocket attack near the airport in Tel Aviv.

New Report: No Evidence of Russian Involvement in Malaysia Airlines Crash

US intelligence officials say there is no direct evidence to show Russia provided the missile. Meantime, the black boxes from Flight 17 are now in the hands of Malaysian officials.

Bill Capping Sales Tax Rate Heads to NC Senate

A plan to cap North Carolina's sales tax rate at 2.5 percent is headed to the full Senate. If it passes, it could impact raises for teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Travel Warning for Americans in Israel

The US is warning Americans not to travel near the Israeli crisis. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Cairo Monday, calling for a cease-fire. A shelling at a hospital in Gaza killed at least five people inside.

Bodies of Flight MH-17 Victims Turned Over to Dutch Authorities

Train cars full of bodies rolled away from the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 impact site Monday. Meanwhile, President Obama is pressuring Vladimir Putin to allow international investigators full access to the site.

Israel Invades Gaza Strip

Israel has invaded the Gaza strip, escalating a 10-day military campaign against Gaza's Hamas rulers. Another 18,000 reserve soldiers are on standby.