Cannon Investigation Continues

The investigation into ex-Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon is picking up momentum.

Cannon Campaigner Amani Abdul Speaks Out

Only WCCB has pictures of Cannon with mystery woman Amani Abdul and her private message about his arrest.

Grand Jury Meets in Patrick Cannon Case

A federal grand jury meets Tuesday in Charlotte, and could hear the case against ex-Mayor Patrick Cannon.

Mayor Clodfelter Meets with Governor McCrory

New Charlotte mayor Dan Clodfelter is diving right into the daunting task of helping the city move one from the Patrick Cannon scandal.

Charlotte Swears In New Mayor

Two weeks after the arrest and resignation of Patrick Cannon, Charlotte has a new mayor.

Dan Clodfelter Prepares To Be Charlotte's Next Mayor

Charlotte's new mayor, Dan Clodfelter, takes the oath of office at Noon Wednesday. Read More »

Charlotte's New Mayor to Take Oath of Office Wednesday

Charlotte's 56th mayor will take the oath of office Wednesday. The swearing in happens at noon in the Council Chamber at the Government Center.

Exclusive One-on-One with Former City Councilman James Mitchell

Former City Councilman James Mitchell says he's disappointed he wasn't the one chosen to be the next mayor.

Political Expert: Charlotte's New Mayor Needs to Restore the Public's Trust

As all eyes focus on Charlotte's new mayor Dan Clodfelter, political experts say the time is now to start working to regain the public's trust.

New Charlotte Mayor Talks About Restoring Public Trust

Charlotte's new mayor is wasting no time trying to reassure residents that the city can move past the corruption scandal.

Dan Clodfelter: Charlote's New Mayor

We take a look at Dan Clodfelter's history with the state, and what Governor McCrory has to say about his selection.

Charlotte To Have New Mayor on Monday

It'll be our fourth in less than a year. The position is being carefully considered in the wake of Patrick Cannon's arrest and resignation.

3 New Extortion Accusations Against Patrick Cannon

Three local businessmen say Cannon tried to extort tens of thousands of dollars from them. The men run cab companies in Charlotte.

Local Attorneys Weigh In Patrick Cannon's Federal Charges

Local attorneys are weighing in on Cannon's chances in court and the possibility of others being charged in connection.

City Councils Delay Vote On New Mayor

One more week without a mayor. Monday night, a surprising decision by city council to hold off on filling the seat.

Edwin Peacock on Empty Mayor Seat: Let Voters Decide In November

Peacock suggests Charlotte voters should be given the chance to vote for Cannon's replacement in the upcoming November election.

Former Two-Term Mayor Anthony Foxx Breaks Silence on Cannon Arrest

Foxx left Charlotte politics last year to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation, and is now speaking out about ex-Mayor Cannon's arrest.

Pastor Steven Furtick Prays with Cannon Family

Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick spent time praying with the Cannons at their home in Ballantyne Friday.

Cannon Corruption Charges Fallout: Wife Loses Job

WCCB Charlotte has confirmed ex-mayor Patrick Cannon's wife Trenna is no longer employed by Allen Tate Realtors.

Pastor Steven Furtick Not Commenting on Ex-Mayor

he city accepted a $300,000 donation from Elevation Church earlier this year to help fight homelessness.

Timeline of Events Leading to Former Mayor Patrick Cannon's Arrest

We take a detailed look at each of the events leading up to ex-Mayor Cannon's arrest, from the initial tip-off, to the final sting.

Michael Barnes Makes 1st Public Appearance Since Cannon Resigns

He and other local leaders appeared at the grand opening of Met Life in Ballantyne. The focus of the event soon turned from business to politics.

Legal Expert: More Warrants and More Charges Possible in Cannon Case

Former Union Co. District Attorney John Snyder says the bombshell scandal surrounding the ex-Mayor is just beginning to unfold.

The Fall of Patrick Cannon: "I Look Good in Orange Neck Ties, Not Orange Suits"

We take a detailed look at the outrageous misdeeds the FBI says the now-ex-Mayor of Charlotte committed.

Local Officials Weigh In On Cannon's Arrest & Charges

Local officials, including a former Charlotte mayor, are weighing in on Patrick Cannon's arrest and federal charges.