Compromise work on SC's $6B spending plan resumes


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina senators have rejected plans for a sales tax break on guns as work on a compromise on the state's $6 billion spending resumes.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman of Florence wanted the Senate to approve the House-passed tax break that would lower the state's tax collections by about $250,000. Senate rules don't allow permanent law to be included in the budget without a special exception.

Leatherman got only a 20-19 vote, four votes short of the required supermajority.

Leatherman wants three other measures approved before a conference committee resumes discussions.

The biggest unresolved difference involves how the state spends $210 million from rising tax collections. The Senate uses $105 million for schools and $100 million for an unemployment tax break. The House gives businesses $146 million.

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