South Carolina Associated Press 2011 broadcast contest winners.


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Winners of the 2011 South Carolina Associated Press Broadcasters Contest to be honored March 31:


Sports Reporting/Programming:

1st Place: WVOC-AM: Best Gamecock Coverage for South Carolina-Tennessee Game

2nd Place: WSCC-FM: Josh Coley's Goat Report

3rd Place: WVOC-AM: Best Gamecock Coverage for South Carolina-Florida Game


1st Place: WVOC-AM: The Food of Love

2nd Place: WVOC-AM: Good & Bad of Last-Minute X-mas Shopping


1st Place: WVOC-AM: WVOC.COM

2nd Place: WSCC-FM:

General Reporting:

1st Place: WVOC-AM: 9/11 10th Anniversary

2nd Place: WVOC-AM: Pulmonary Fibrosis

3rd Place: WSCC-FM: FAIR CAMS: Big Brother or Sign of Times?

Spot News:

1st Place: WSCC-FM: Interstate Shutdown

2nd Place: WSCC-FM: BREAKING: Weiner Resignation

The winners for Best Newscast, Station of the Year and Cooperation will be announced at the awards banquet in Columbia on March 31.


Education Reporting:

1st Place: WYFF-TV: A Problem of Funding

2nd Place: WMBF-TV: Swimming with Manatees

3rd Place: WLTX-TV: Lessons Of Perseverance

Sports Feature:

1st Place: WLTX-TV: Any Given Saturday

2nd Place: WYFF-TV: Charlie's Team

3rd Place: WYFF-TV: "I'm Not Him!"

Sports Reporting:

1st Place: WYFF-TV: Remembering a Legend

2nd Place: WYFF-TV: Trevor's Roots

Investigative Reporting:

1st Place: WSPA-TV: Shadow of Sickness

2nd Place: WIS-TV: Kenny Lancaster

3rd Place: WMBF-TV: College Construction

Environmental Reporting:

1st Place: WSPA-TV: Shadow of Sickness

2nd Place: WLTX-TV: Is Your Water Safe?

3rd Place: WCIV-TV: Gator Hunting

Spot News:

1st Place: WYFF-TV: Police Manhunt

2nd Place: WSPA-TV: High Speed Chase

3rd Place: WMBF-TV: Deadly Plane Crash


1st Place: WSPA-TV: Learning to Live Again

2nd Place: WYFF-TV: Lara's Dream

3rd Place: WYFF-TV: The World of Lee Earl Jackson


1st Place: WYFF-TV: Chronicle: Where Miracles Happen

2nd Place: WIS-TV: Remembering 9/11

3rd Place: WYFF-TV: Chronicle: The State of Education


1st Place: WMBF-TV: Goat Round-up

2nd Place: WYFF-TV: Inside the NICU

3rd Place: WCIV-TV: The Meaning

General Reporting:

1st Place: WCIV-TV: What a Gorgeous Animal

2nd Place: WYFF-TV: Letters from Vietnam

3rd Place: WYFF-TV: Mother Found


1st Place: WHNS-TV: FOX Carolina 21

2nd Place: WMBF-TV:

3rd Place: WIS-TV: WISTV.COM


1st Place: WCIV-TV: Raymond's Journey

2nd Place: WSPA-TV: Shadow of Sickness

3rd Place: WMBF-TV: Computer Investigation

Business/Consumer Reporting:

1st Place: WYFF-TV: Billy the Kid Tintype

2nd Place: WMBF-TV: Extreme Couponing

3rd Place: WCIV-TV: Gold Fever

Health/Medical Reporting:

1st Place: WSPA-TV: Shadow of Sickness

2nd Place: WSPA-TV: Tap Water: Running a Risk?

3rd Place: WIS-TV: Man Up

The winners for best newscast, weather forecast, sportscast, station of the year and the Joe Loy Cooperation award will be announced at the awards banquet March 31.

The AP, Columbia

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