Mark Sanford renews career, must build reputation


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Mark Sanford is headed back to Congress after reviving his political career and winning his old House seat.

And some observers say his past indiscretions, including an extramarital affair, won't hurt his ability to be effective.

Republican consultant Rich Galen says bad behavior disqualified people from Congress, there would be no parking problems in Washington.

And Scott Buchanan, a political scientist at The Citadel, says that politicians are the sort who cuss each other one day and pat each other on the shoulder the next. He doesn't think there will be many hard feelings against Sanford.

Galen says an advantage for Sanford is that he knows the ropes and, with his six years of service in the House, he will jump dozens of current lawmakers in terms of seniority.

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