Google Expanding Caldwell County Data Center


by Marvin Beach
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LENOIR, NC - "It's a shot. It's a boost of confidence that this area needs, our state needs, and it's a very positive sign," explains Governor Pat McCrory.

McCrory and other leaders breaking ground for the newest addition to Google's Caldwell County data center.

It will mean another $600 million dollar investment.

This will be the third phase of the center - which first came in 2007 and expanded in 2010.

Nestled in the foothills.. thousands of servers here store and process information for the company.

"When you use a Google service such as search, or gmail, or docs, or watch cat videos on YouTube, those searches are served from a data center like this," explains Operations Manager Enoch Moeller.

Currently the facility employs more than 150 people.

"We've been able to hire - actually most of the people employed here are local or regional at this point," he says.

Local leaders hope continued growth of Google's Data Center Lenior will bring more opportunities in this area - best known for furniture making.

In his speech, Governor McCrory pointed to Google employee Paul Bowman...

Bowman worked in the furniture industry... but went back to school for IT.

"Go back and retrain and get some more education. You wouldn't believe just how much a little bit would help," Bowman explains.

A success story local leaders hope will encourage further growth.

"We can talk to folks who are interested in the area - and point out to them - we've got Google here - it really raises our credibility as a city that isn't dying - but a city that's reborn again," says Lenoir Mayor Pro Tempore T.J. Rohr.


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