37 People Arrested After Lancaster County Meth Investigation


by Caryn Little

LANCASTER, S.C. -- A major investigation into the production of methamphetamine in Lancaster County lead to 37 arrests.  

Police say they began investigating after an increased number of complaints from citizens in reference to methamphetamine.  After an investigation was launched, police arrested dozens of people and charged them with possessing meth, manufacturing meth and unlawfully disposing meth waste.  

Lancaster and Chester County officers teamed up with SLED to pull off the undercover operation.  It's been dubbed "Fantastic Shakers".  Officers say they've noticed a rise in meth labs in the last two years.

"I just think it's unsafe.  Folks out here are a menace to society.  They use drugs to feed other crimes ...and we'll continue to work aggressively when it comes to drugs," said Lancaster Sheriff Barry Faile.

Police believe several of the suspects were working together to produce the drug.  All 37 suspects have been indicted for their charges.  Investigators think this round-up could lead to other arrests, and help them find additional meth labs.

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